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Tech Professional

One Sprint at a time.

Unlock your potential

Agile Actors is the ecosystem for the ambitious and talented tech professional. From setting meaningful personal goals to getting personal coaching, it helps you find your next career step and deliver value to the real world.

How the Agile
Methodology Works

Set a target

As the product owner of the most interesting product (hint: yourself), you define the backlog (short-term goals) and the roadmap (long-term vision) of the skills, knowledge and insight to be gained.


Where do you stand as a tech professional? Use our advanced tools to measure your current status and find out how you compare to thousands of tech professionals worldwide.

Define priorities

Set achievable short-term goals and work towards reaching them. Select the right mix of training, mentoring and real-life work.


Execute what you have planned within the timeframe you have defined. Share your progress and get help from fellow Agile Actors.

What will you practice as an Agile Actor?

Agile Methodologies

Scrum, Management 3.0 and everything that makes possible the development and maintenance of complex projects and applications.


Even if you’re not a Web Designer or a Frontend Developer, it’s essential to understand how users experience and interact with applications, what are the best practices and how to build things that make sense.

Software Development

Frontend, backend, mobile, big data, event driven, responsive, integration and so on. Software development is more complex than ever and we’re here to carefully select and practice what’s relevant, useful and meaningful for the modern tech professional.

Personal Coaching

Through practice, expert guidance and help, we’re making your career goals take shape. An Agile Actor is learning to be a coach and a coachee, evolving and maturing in both roles.

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