Engagement Models

Extended team

Maintain focus on your line of business and save time when it comes to engaging the best tech professionals on your software development project or creating a remote development team.​ Define your business requirements and we set up scalable teams, matching the required skills and experience.

Increase the value of your team with highly qualified scrum masters, UX/UI specialists, software and data engineers, automation testers and DevOps whose skills are constantly being assessed, evaluated and evolved.

We provide

  • Skills

  • Seniorities

  • Duration and scalability you need

Managed Team

Match your business needs with the most appropriate competencies, experience and seniority. ​ Seamlessly integrate developers or a full scale development environment, to your team and organisation without the hassle of project management. ​

We ensure that your team receives high-level coaching and constant professional development whilst providing team maintenance functions such a human resources and administrative and office support.​

Benefit from

  • Efficient building of your team

  • Control over process and costs

  • Fast time to market

  • Flexibility

Agile Coaching

Creating an environment of quality with humane relationships that will unleash the full potential of individuals and will enable teams to high perform towards the same and shared organisational purpose is our core belief. Based on this, our systemic approach through coaching, advice, mentoring and training will help your organization and your teams to get the most out of agile and lean mindset through an ideal mix of principles and practices.

Therefore we are mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Lean Change. Assess your capabilities and co-create a change roadmap with us.
  • Alignment. Create a strategy that aligns common organisational objectives and shared goals among all department and teams.
  • Agile Portfolio management. Balance demand to capacity and improve the delivery of your organization while keeping focus on doing the right things right and fast.
  • Structure. Grow self-sustained and cross-functional high performing teams aiming for quality outcomes, increased team capabilities and individual engagement.
  • Collaboration. Create an ecosystem that fosters radical transparency and unscripted collaboration.
  • Focus on value, value creation and value discovery in an iterative and incremental way while keeping your customers engaged.
  • Optimize service delivery, value delivery streams, scale practices and principles across units within your organization.
  • Help team and individuals understand the principles behind agile and lean and adopt various practices in their operations to achieve high quality outcomes for their customers.
We are experts with hands on experience on various Agile and Lean frameworks such as Scrum, kanban, XP, applying a combination of practices in scaled environments.

Inspect and Adapt through

  • Understanding the purpose of your product

  • Defining your product

  • Exploring the alternatives

  • Verifying the effectiveness with your users

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